Citizens’ Senate works to improve medicine safety for older people

The East of England Citizens’ Senate, a hub for patient and carer participation in local health services, is coming up to its first year in partnership with Eastern AHSN. Over recent months the Senate has worked on a range of research and improvement programmes, including work on patient safety, frailty, and inputting into the work of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships.

Trevor Fernandes, Co-Chair of the Senate, said: “We provide the patient/carer perspective on proposed service change, and consider issues of strategic importance raised by patients, carers and the public.

“Our insight comes from many years of lived experience and we have a successful track record of influencing and supporting service change for improved patient outcomes.”

Most recently the Senate has been working to improve medicine safety for older people, sharing their views and experiences during an event ‘Medications Safety in Older People’ workshop on 16 November at Duxford. The workshop explored a range of issues, including medicine reviews and relationships between patients/carers and health professionals, and discussed a vision for the future.

Trevor says the partnership with Eastern AHSN has been beneficial to everyone, helping to ‘encourage a culture of change and support a systematic approach to ensure user experience and feedback is used to drive the improvement cycle, where consistent patient satisfaction and outcomes are the measure of success’.

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