We are proud to lead the Small Business Research Initiative in healthcare and to have helped the already successful work continue to flourish. The SBRI model is used to address the array of NHS challenges that would benefit from innovative technology solutions. These have included addressing the management of long term conditions at home, facilitating patients to achieve medication adherence, and supporting children to be more physically active.


Background to the programme

In December 2008 the East of England was looking to establish joint working with local government and local industry to address shared challenges.  The SBRI model was identified as a means to deliver healthcare outcomes but also bring economic value to the region.  This shared objective resulted in a jointly funded regional SBRI programme – the first of its kind.

The challenge for the EAHSN was to take an existing, small scale but successful model and deliver a national programme embedded into the new NHS and innovation architecture.

Funding opportunities to accelerate innovation

Finding seed funding to develop your business and medical technologies is always a challenge.  The EAHSN is keen to support initiatives that provide access to finance for SMEs.  SBRI Healthcare is led by the AHSNs on behalf of NHS England and the EAHSN leads the delivery of this acceleration funding scheme.

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