Primary care accelerator projects appointed

The Eastern Academic Health Science Network’s invitation for applications for the Primary care accelerator closed in September 2017.

Four applications were received and assessed remotely by subject area experts from across the UK. There was congruence amongst the assessments and this allowed us to offer two of the applicants the funding to pursue their projects.

Two projects were selected from the applications.

Project one is around better prescribing for anti-depressants and around prescribing for Familial Hypercholesterolemia. The interventions proposed will yield positive outcomes for patients as well as cost saving from better prescribing.  This project will be led by Dr. Alina Roser and her team in her Cambridge GP surgery.

Project two is around supporting children with uncontrolled asthma. The project aims to intervene with a genetic test to establish the presence of a recessive gene that is not responsive to steroid treatment. If identified in the child, the course of treatment would be altered to produce more favourable outcomes for the patients. This project is being led by North East Essex CCG.

The project plans are being developed and the projects will be evaluated with a view to publishing an article in the appropriate journal as sharing the knowledge across the region.

The scope for both projects is being defined and planning is underway.

Project impact

  • Does the project align to the five year forward view and / or increase the use of genetics across the eastern region?
  • Does the project impact on patients and patient care (measured by size of population impacted or depth of impact)
  • Is the project sustainable, scaleable and replicable?
  • Does the project improve productivity?

Project deliverability

  • What are the timescales for delivery?
  • What project dependencies exist?

During 2017/18, the second year of the primary care accelerator, we have prioritised supporting innovations that align to delivery of the NHS England Five Year Forward View and “improving outcomes through personalised medicine”, which explains how genetics will enhance care delivery across the NHS.

In partnership with East of England Genomic Medicine Centre, we are looking to accelerate the implementation of genomics within primary care by supporting a number of projects.

Your innovative genomics project will have one or more of the following ambitions:

  • More convenient patient access to health and care services
  • Increased use of personalised medicine, genetics or genomics to improve patient outcomes
  • Expanded multidisciplinary primary care

Proposals will need to meet the criteria provided below and if successful, will receive:

  • Matched funding of up to £75,000 to pump prime implementation of innovation
  • Access to relevant subject matter experts as appropriate
  • Access to a named project manager who will support the practice or federation to capture evidence from the evaluation
  • Priority access to Eastern AHSN transformational support events including access to subject matter experts and a network of other innovators

In return, the proposals will need to commit to:

  • Delivering an innovative programme of work within primary care that aligns fully to the five year forward view and improving outcomes through personalised medicine
  • Participating in evaluation of the project and sharing results as openly as possible (without compromising commercial sensitivity and / or confidential data)
  • Supporting fast followers should the project be successful (up to a maximum of five days)

If you have further queries, please contact

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