Eastern AHSN has initiated and supported the Electronic Medicines Optimisation Pathway programme for pharmacy providers in the east of England. We are rolling out the innovative PharmOutcomes system to make electronic prescribing around care discharges to the community faster, more accurate and more efficient for health professionals and patients.

Recent research estimates that up to 1 in 5 prescriptions ends in the wrong drug being given to a patient, equivalent to 237 million errors a year. The AHSN Network is improving medication safety through innovation across the country. Our EMOP programme is part of a national drive to reduce patient safety incidents caused by medication communication issues when care is discharged from hospital. Eastern AHSN is working in partnership with NHS trusts, Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPC), and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) within East Anglia to roll out the EMOP programme. The software chosen to deliver EMOP is PharmOutcomes developed by Pinnacle Health Partnership (PHP).

In addition to improving outcomes for patients, the project aims to deliver savings for the healthcare system by reducing the number of avoidable bed stays. In practice, the savings will be realised as additional care capacity through releasing beds which would have been unavailable. An independent study carried out by Durham University on two Newcastle hospitals published by the BMJ Open indicates that for each patient discharged during the study, 0.8 bed days were saved.

The implementation of EMOP is being led by Eastern AHSN across the eastern region, in partnership with acute trusts, supported by six Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and five Local Pharmacy Committees (LPCs). The programme commenced in late 2017 with the first trust launching the system from May 2018. To support the rollout of EMOP, Eastern AHSN provides training resources and runs a regional steering group to share learning and standardise practice.

Support for trust pharmacists
To prepare to launch PharmOutcomes at each trust, training sessions will be held for trust pharmacy staff. Please contact the chief pharmacist at your trust for further information on hospital training.

Support for community pharmacists
Each LPC will hold engagement sessions for community pharmacists supported by the local hospital trust and Eastern AHSN. LPCs will share details of engagement events in advance of local delivery.

Contact your local LPC for details of the rollout in your area

Eastern AHSN thanks the Innovation Agency – AHSN for the North West Coast and PHP for their resources and shared learning supporting EMOP.

PharmAlarm – a visual alert for EMOP referrals

The PharmAlarm provides a visual indication in the pharmacy whenever a hospital discharge referral or another notification such as NUMSAS is received in PharmOutcomes. This avoids the need for pharmacists to log in to the system to check if a discharge referral has been received and makes the overall use of thePharmOutcomes more user friendly and interactive.

Further resources for health professionals

PharmOutcomes overview

Click to view the video guide below outlining key aspects of PharmOutcomes.

Read the BMJ article evaluating an electronic patient referral system from one UK hospital trust to community pharmacies across the North East of England.

Help for pharmacy users

Hospital and community pharmacy staff can share the short film below with patients, to help them learn about medicines management and where to seek help with MO – supporting their medicine journey from hospital to home.


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