On this page, you will find a 5-step implementation guide to help primary care providers make a more effective move to digital services. The research and guidance in this document is based on a successful project in the Lea Valley, Hertfordshire where a digital engagement officer was employed to help improve digital literacy and awareness in the patient community.

According to the annual NHS GP patient survey (2017), 85% of patients still normally book their appointments over the phone. Despite drives to promote online access, only 8% say that they book their appointments on line, this is despite a significant increase in the availability of online booking services.

Patient access to the website has quadrupled over the first year with the locality achieving up to 15,000 visits to the website per month.

The shift to online patient requests has resulted in efficiency and productivity gains for the practices and more convenient services for patients including:

  • 3781 phone calls avoided
  • 1584 visits in person avoided
  • 652 appointments avoided

More effective community engagement that helps to improve digital literacy in the patient community is needed in order to encourage the switch to on-line services, where appropriate.

Click on the links below to download the implementation pack and associated resources:


Download this guide here: Digital Primary Care 5 step implementation guide (74 downloads)


Business case template

Job description – Digital Engagement Officer

PowerPoint presentation to outline DEO proposal

Example policy

Example pull-up banner for receptions or events

Example leaflet design

Example patient survey

Example surgery flyer design

Example slide for flat screen TV in reception

Example t-shirt design for staff


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