The Challenge

Patients who have had to undergo treatment or surgery in hospital often become deconditioned or lose confidence. There are existing exercise programmes available for patients, but concerns about their health or ability to exercise can mean that patients are reluctant to continue exercising at home following hospital admissions.

The Response

The Active+ programme is a supported self-care model for people with long term conditions. It combines supported exercise sessions, with peer support and provides participants with self care technology to allow them to monitor their vital signs and movement at home. They are encouraged to attend classes by being loaned equipment for use at home, which is free of charge while they continue to attend classes.

The Impact

The intervention can delay the need for adult social care services by 4 years (delaying costs per person of £23,000 -£46,000). The projects have also shown that they improve patient activation with patients on average increasing their activation score by 16 %, reducing need for professional health services including admission to hospital.

You can download the full guide here: Supported self-care guide (80 downloads)


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