Building capacity and capability

We’re developing a quality improvement infrastructure that will support continued service improvement and innovation. For example, we’ve piloted training across improvement models, measurement for improvement and human elements of change. We’re currently refining the design and content before rolling out more widely.

Our vision is to create a longer term strategic legacy – a quality improvement infrastructure which will support continued improvement within the system. To help us achieve this, we’re creating an Eastern Improvement Academy, which is owned and shaped by local providers and commissioners. We will develop a local resource which builds upon the learning of the best and that supports local organisations to achieve their improvement, quality and safety accountabilities.

To date we have supported five provider Boards through our board development programme. The programme provides an opportunity to assess how your organisation currently measures and monitors safety and how to move from retrospective counts of harm to more proactive systems and approaches.

We are supporting the Q initiative, led by the Health Foundation and co-funded by NHS England, connecting people skilled in improvement across the UK. We coordinated the founding cohort recruitment process for the Eastern region. Find out how to get involved.

We are also providing organisations and teams in our region involved in NHS care with access to Life, a powerful but easy to use web based platform. It provides individuals with the functionality they need to run safety and quality improvement projects.

Eastern Improvement Faculty

Across the Eastern region, in health and social care settings, there are many staff who have improvement skills. Skills will be varied; Staff may have attended a programme some time ago or it may be recent knowledge; Staff may be using their skills to lead local change projects others may not have the opportunity to put their skills into practice or may be wanting to gain new skills.

Individuals may have attended local, regional or national programmes, such as in-house training, professionally based education programmes, NHS III, NHSIQ programmes, Health Education East of England Quality Improvement Fellowships, CLAHRC Research Fellowships, Health Foundation Fellowships or Q initiative.

Through our networks and connections, we are identifying and connecting this eclectic group of people. Our initial aim is to connect and support them, providing routes for individuals to refresh skills and gain new ones, to help at learning events and contribute to our improvement work. Our ultimate aim is to match individuals with improvement projects, so that they can actively contribute to the regional improvement work, through short, part-time release from their substantive role.

We are working with colleagues already identified and with our partners to develop the Eastern Improvement Faculty, which we hope to pilot in early 2107.

Eastern Improvement Coaches

Eastern AHSN have developed a unique approach to supporting our communities to deliver improvements in the quality and safety of care, by appointing a dedicated team of improvement coaches who will be able to advise, coach and support local teams as they test improvements across the frailty pathway.

Our improvement coaches have skills in a variety of improvement techniques, most are clinicians and all have experience of working in the health, social care and public services. They will forge strong links with local teams, through site visits, webinars and conference calls and through a range of QI skills building sessions which will be starting in the Autumn of 2016.

As each member of the team comes into post, a short bio will be published in this section.

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