Many healthcare service providers and GP practices are implementing the AliveCor Kardia device and app as part of the NHS England AHSN Atrial Fibrillation programme. AliveCor devices are being distributed by the Eastern AHSN with support from regional leaders and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The device provides:

  • A single-lead rhythm strip indicating whether a person has a normal or abnormal heart rhythm using 1 small piece of equipment and a smartphone or tablet.
  • The flexibility to save and share a copy (pdf format) of the results by email that can be uploaded into a patients’ electronic health record.
  • Potential to increase the number of people on the quality and outcomes framework (QoF) atrial fibrillation register



Click to play the AliveCor mobile training WebEx below:



Knowing your Pulse can save your life. If pulse checks were routine within the NHS, thousands of lives, and thousands of debilitating strokes, could be saved every year. Watch the instructional video above to learn how to take your pulse now.

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