Embracing self-care, one year on

Health organisations, local authorities and citizens are being invited by the Eastern AHSN’s Transformation Support Unit to attend an exciting event on 16 November to see how their ideas could enhance the support for self-care.

It was 17 years ago that Sir Derek Wanless told us that the survival of the NHS depended on a public who were fully engaged in managing their own health. Recent surveys suggest that around 4 in 10 people who live with long-term conditions in this country have low levels of knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health, but projects in our region have been working to change this.

Self-care or self-management support are terms used to describe how people are supported to manage their own health, particularly people with long-term conditions. The evidence base suggests that providing better support for individuals to help them manage their health effectively, whether in collaboration with clinicians or individually, can have a material impact on health and well-being.

Held during the national Self-Care Week 2017 (13-19 November), the event will bring together delegates and industry to see what local opportunities there are to accelerate improved self-management and shared decision making.

Showcasing projects

As well as exploring new opportunities for partnership working, we will also be showcasing fantastic projects already taking place in our region, some of which are the result of partnerships forged at our inaugural self-management event last November.

The exchange will feature innovators and existing projects in four zones:

  • mental health
  • behaviour and coaching
  • exercise and wellness
  • medicines management

Within each zone delegates will be able to explore solutions which are ready for adoption and spread more widely across the region, as well as seek out new innovations that could be implemented locally to contribute toward enhancing self-care.

Get involved

Register to attend the event: Embracing Self-Care for Life – 16 November, Newmarket https://www.eahsn.org/event/embracing-self-care-for-life/.

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