Funding for MSc or postgraduate courses in patient safety

We’re delighted to be able to sponsor two people to undertake a full or part time MSc, or other postgraduate courses, in patient safety. Eastern AHSN is offering this opportunity to help address quality and safety challenges and build academic capability in the region.

Who should apply and what are the requirements?

Applicants will:

  • Ideally, work in the healthcare sector (NHS) and have recent experience of working in patient safety or a quality improvement environment.
  • Be engaged with, or connected to, the Eastern AHSN Patient Safety Collaborative.
  • Be able to demonstrate how their experience aligns to the work of the Patient Safety Collaborative.
  • Have the support of their employers to be released to undertake study.
  • Have a degree in a healthcare related subject; or a relevant clinical professional; or managerial qualification and show an aptitude for becoming leaders in patient safety.
  • Be eligible to work and study in the UK.
  • Meet university course entry criteria and be able to demonstrate acceptance onto the course.
  • Meet home student criteria.

Programmes available

It is recognised there are a range courses and providers across the country. Candidates should consider those that best meet their needs in terms of course content, location and other practicalities.

We offer a level of flexibility when considering which courses to fund and the place of study. However, it is imperative that there is a core safety component or a clear and direct link to patient safety.

Applicants must demonstrate how the course selected aligns with the Eastern AHSN Action on Frailty Patient Safety Collaborative and their own career development objectives.

Please see here for a summary of patient safety courses in England: Patient Safety MSc Courses.docx. This is not an exhaustive list. Details and course availability may be subject to change. Further information can be found on the individual websites.

Application details

In preparing your application, please ensure each item listed below has been submitted by 20 September 2017. Please mark your application for the attention of Emma Dickerson, and submit to

  1. application form (submitted by applicant)
  2. CV (submitted by applicant)
  3. course offer letter or confirmation (submitted by applicant)
  4. employers letter of reference and organisational support (submitted by referee 1)
  5. professional letter of reference (submitted by referee 2)

Supporting documents


Please contact if you have any queries.




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