Eastern AHSN set to host East of England Citizens Senate and Young Ambassadors Forum

We are pleased to announce that from the 1 April 2017 we will be hosting the East of England Citizens Senate and East of England Young Ambassadors Forum. Following the completion of the national Smith / Levy review in 2016, discussions between the Eastern AHSN and the Citizens Senate have taken place to respond to the implications of the review and shape closer partnership working between Eastern AHSN and the Clinical Networks.

Working together, Eastern AHSN, NHS East of England, and Citizens Senate have agreed a transition arrangement which offers advantages to all parties. Citizens Senate has been working with us over the past 2 years and strongly supports the proposal.

The East of England Citizens Senate is a connected and experienced group of people aiming to influence regional health and care strategy by presenting patient, carer and family perspectives. It was established in 2013, to ensure patient and public engagement, involvement and co-production in Clinical Networks and clinical improvement work. Patient and Public Involvement and participation are core to the Eastern AHSN role for building partnerships and forging connections to co-create solutions.

The East of England Young Health Ambassadors Forum was established to bring together people who work on gathering young people’s views and enabling young people to influence change in health care services.

Steve Feast, Managing Director, Eastern AHSN, said:

“The work of the EoE Citizens Senate over the last 2 years has played an active role in the design and shaping of the Eastern AHSN led Patient Safety Collaborative. This has helped improve the quality and safety of health and care services across the region. Looking ahead we know that we can build upon this partnership to also help our Sustainability and Transformation Plans offer. This supports wider Heath planning and delivery across the East. We are very pleased that a mutually beneficial arrangement has been made that will continue to benefit citizens, patients and carers as we engage with the Senates expertise”

Helen Oliver, Director of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Eastern AHSN, said:

“We are delighted to be hosting the EoE Citizens Senate and YHA Forum into 2017/18. Understanding the needs of our communities is key to the success of all of the work that we undertake with the NHS and partners. As such we see a great deal of benefit in supporting our regional Citizen Senate and YHA Forum to continue to flourish”

Trevor Fernandes, Co Chair EoE Citizens’ Senate, said:

“We are looking forward to building a strong and sustained partnership with the EAHSN.  This is an opportunity to extend the public voice and ensure engagement activities influence service development and quality improvement programmes.  We aim to promote collaborative working and co-production in all our partner initiatives”

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