Privacy Policy


Eastern Academic Health Science Network (Eastern AHSN) is one of 15 AHSNs across England, established to play a unique role in enhancing the health and wealth of our nation. By bringing together industry, academia, voluntary organisations and the NHS, AHSNs close the gap between innovation and patient benefit. Click to read more about the AHSN Network. We are committed to the sharing and spread of knowledge through newsletters and events. For us to provide these services to you, we will need to store your data when you register your interest or attendance.

As part of the innovation and adoption service delivery, Eastern AHSN also runs the Health Innovation Exchange East (Health InnX East) platform (  This is an interactive innovation health exchange for anyone to share their innovations and ideas, build groups and networks and make contact with people whose innovations could improve healthcare delivery in the Eastern region.

The information we will collect on you will depend on the services we provide you (these being newsletters, events or Health InnX East platform). A summary of the data we collect is provided below. Transparency is a key aim of all of our work, so we want to ensure you understand what we do with the data you supply to us and why. In this privacy notice, we’ll provide details on the following:

  • what information we collect from you
  • how we have collected it
  • what we use this information for
  • our legal basis for using this data
  • where we store the data
  • your rights and how to withdraw your consent
  • how to raise any questions, and if necessary, where to lodge a complaint

Health InnX East platform users: Please note that this document relates to your personal data i.e. the information you supply when registering for the Health InnX East platform. For information on submissions and innovations, please see the editorial policy available on the Health InnX East website.

Please also note that unfortunately, Eastern AHSN cannot accept medical questions via the web that contain patients’ personal or confidential medical information. The Health InnX website is explicit that confidential patient data must not be shared on the platform. By clicking the ‘Submit my Idea’ button on the website, I hereby confirm that the question(s) I am submitting to Eastern AHSN does not contain any confidential medical information pertaining to either myself or my patients.

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