Open Bionics receives further funding from SBRI Healthcare

SBRI Healthcare have recently announced that Open Bionics, a Bristol-based tech start up that creates affordable 3D-printed bionic hands, will receive further funding.

It is one of five companies who will receive a share of a £3.1 million investment to develop innovations that aim to ensure that children living with disability and long term conditions have every opportunity to live their lives to the full.

The bionic hands created by Open Bionics cost £5,000, and take just one day to make using cutting-edge 3D scanning. Currently, the only prosthetics available to children take at least 12 weeks to be received, and can cost up to £80,000.

The company continues to make waves in prosthetic innovation, and in June began the world’s first clinical trial of the new type of prosthesis, starting with 10 children over a six-month period. Watch a video with Tilly Lockey, an 11-year-old from Durham who lost her hands after she developed meningitis as a baby. In this video she told the BBC her prototype bionic hand “looks awesome and it makes you feel confident.”

The company has also recently been named one of the Top 50 Robotics Companies in the world to watch, alongside tech giants Google and Amazon.

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