How new technology is helping patients with respiratory conditions

Author: Jeremy Walsh, Managing Director

New technologies to help patients with respiratory conditions are being developed in the East of England.

What is your role and what innovation are you working on?

My name is Jeremy Walsh, the Managing Director of Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Limited (CRiL). We set up our business in 2013 specifically to develop innovative, low-cost personal monitors and diagnostic devices for respiratory conditions. CRiL’s N-Tidal technology is based on monitoring the CO2 in normal tidal breathing. We use an advanced LED sensor to measure the CO2.

What difference do you think it will make for patients?

The early results are really exciting because our N-Tidal technology has identified changes in the patients breathing at least 48 hours before they have an exacerbation. This will allow early medical intervention and results in a classic “Win-Win”.  COPD patients should benefit from fewer exacerbations, reduced avoidable hospitalisations and enjoy a better quality of life, whilst the NHS will actually reduce its overall cost of care.

What assistance have you had from the EAHSN or SBRI Healthcare and how did it help?

Thanks to the support of SBRI Healthcare and the EAHSN, we believe that our N-Tidal technology will transform the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases. Our team has attended a series of very useful seminars, which the EAHSN has arranged, about improving access to the NHS and completing clinical evaluations. SBRI Healthcare have provided tremendous support to us over the last two years, which has enabled us to develop the first of our product range, the N-Tidal C, so that it is a CE marked Class 1 medical device.

What should happen next for you to succeed?

We are currently completing an exploratory longitudinal study with COPD patients at Addenbrookes.

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