Downtime is Uptime: A mini-blog by Nicola Greaves

It’s no secret that we’re all under pressure to deliver more, with less. I’m sure this sounds familiar. Heavy workloads, resource constraints, and the seemingly unending to-do list can lead us to focusing sharply on delivering the immediate tasks at hand by charging through head-on. This situation can sometimes make us feel like we have no time spare for thinking about how the tasks could be completed in a more efficient and effective way. I’ll sway from calling this ‘working smarter, not harder’ as I know the realities of working. But there’s something in this. Something that says we need to proactively take time out for headspace; to step back from our day to day work and reassess the tasks at hand to think about how they can be done better.

That’s why it’s so important to step back and to create our own personal think-space for improving the way we do things. Workshops are great for this think-space, working with others to identify a problem and come up with a solution. There are not many of us who get a chance to step away from our places of work to have some of that well needed time to hear about what our colleagues are doing regionally in the world of improvement and frailty, and that’s one of the key benefits of our annual improvement learning event that I think will be the perfect place for stepping back from the desk or ward to have that needed downtime.

My own experience

Last week, I attended The Health Foundation’s ‘Q’ learning event which brought together colleagues to share and explore each others work on ‘Q’ to date. Without this event, I wouldn’t have been able to think as laterally as I did during the event, I wouldn’t have been able to carve out the time myself. So while I was still working, I was also really enjoying the experience of having downtime. I left the event feeling refreshed and encouraged, and then came up with this mini-blog!

The event

The PSC Action on frailty learning event will be a chance to step away, share, explore, learn key skills, network, and hear from others in the world of improvement and frailty. We’ve scouted the region, and the country, to find some of the best facilitators who will be delivering practical sessions which will give you the confidence and skill to go back to work and start your own improvement projects. Do you get in a mess with measurement? Do you want access to a tool that will help you to plan your improvement projects? Do you want to know how to implement patient-led interventions to improve patient experience? Our workshops will help you feel empowered to deliver improvement in your organisation.

Places for the event are filling up fast so if you want to go along to the event, make sure and book your place today.

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