The primary care business accelerator (PCBA) seeks to support primary care practices wishing to accelerate delivery of their future vision.  This will be achieved through building collaborative partnerships between the NHS, academia and industry and by providing ring fenced financial assistance for practices implementing innovative concepts in primary care.  It will also look at existing best practice such as the 10 High Impact Actions to release time for care, developed by NHS England.  These actions describe ways in which primary care may improve capacity, supporting immediate work pressures and encouraging additional time to invest in transformational plans.

Eastern AHSN can support delivery of various actions through our releasing time for care support offer.  One of the 10 high impact actions is supporting self-care and we are well placed to bring together primary care providers, improvement and leadership training bodies, the voluntary sector, patient groups and industry self-management solutions to enable an enhanced self-care offer across the region.

The support provided will broker access to subject matter experts and innovations and will be underpinned by a small element of non-recurrent funding to offset the costs of adopting innovations.

In addition, participants will have access to coaches who work collaboratively with teams to support learning and development during the programme.

Expressions of interest are being sought by primary care practices that cover registered lists of 30,000 or higher for areas. The practice(s) should be already working on their strategic vision and this offer should be viewed as an accelerator to existing plans. To access non recurrent funding, the project team would work collaboratively with practices to complete a business case.